Recent Sound Science Projects:

Chief Scientist David Maddox launched of The Nature of Citiesa collective blog on nature, ecosystems, and biodiversity in urban spaces.


Sound Science holds a contract with the Bureau of Reclamation to help with their monitoring and apaptive management efforts in southwestern US. Co-Chief Scientist Bob Unnasch leads this effort.


Co-Chief Scientist David Maddox led an outreach effort for the NYC Urban Field Station, a joint venture between the US Forest Service and NYC Parks & Recreation. The project is designed to create & strengthen partnerships with the research & practitioner communities in NYC.



The mission of Sound Science is to achieve the adaptive management of lands, waters, and natural resources on which human communities depend.

We help organizations apply robust scientific principles and sound information to decision making in conservation, the management of natural resources, and the interactions between people and the environment.

Strategic Planning, Measures of Success, Theories of Change, and Impact
Whether they are called "Measures of Success," "Theories of Change," or "Impact Monitoring," organizations must evaluate both the effectiveness of individual projects and the overall impact of their work; that is, they must seek to understand how effectively their mission is being achieved.

Monitoring and Assessment
Any organization involved in environmental management has goals that articulate desirable and undesirable conditions and attributes. Sound Science has broad experience in crafting management goals and creating monitoring and assessment projects that measure progress toward these goals.  

Urban Ecology, Urban Resilience and the Connection between People and Natural Resources
Urban sustainability and resilience is one of the most pressing natural resources and social issues of our time. Sound Science has organized and faciliated numerous meetings and groups devoted to finding new solutions to ecological and social issues in urban social-ecology. Specific projects include those in green infrastructure and urban forests, conservation of urban wetlands, green jobs, analysis of social networks, and development of urban research programs. David Maddox and Shawn Dalton lead Sound Science's efforts in urban sustainability. Haiyun Chen leads Sound Science's efforts in livelihoods and international community forestry.

Workshops, Training, and Meeting Facilitation
Sound Science has organized and conducted workshops both in the US and internationally for hundreds of people from the US Forest Service, the US Park Service, state and city agencies, the Department of Defense, and others. Sound Science also designs and facilitates workshops and meetings that bring together diverse stakeholders. Subject matter has included green infrastructure, green jobs, urban research, evaluation and monitoring, remote sensing in natural resources management, and more.

Water Resource Planning, Management, and Conservation
We believe that water management for people and for healthy freshwater begins with the watershed. Climate change and increasing demands for water require careful management of land cover, condition, and use across watersheds. This is crucial for sustaining healthy freshwater systems. Sound Science Senior Associate David Braun leads our efforts in water resource conservation and management.

Adaptive Management: Climate Change, Carbon, Forests and Future Planning
Forecasting future conditions based on current conditions and trends is critical to planning for natural resources sustainability, climate change adaptation, and estimates of carbon storage. Associate Healy Hamilton leads these efforts.

Consulting in Statistics, Data Analysis, and Opinion Research
Data and information need to be analyzed to be useful. Sound Science conducts data analysis for a variety of organizations, from simple summaries to complicated multivariate analyses, from analyses of conservation data for litigation and court cases to polling data for national elections and market research.

Technology, App Development, Web Analysis, and Information Management
Sound Science staff and Associates have designed and created a variety of tools to manage information and analyze data, from searchable catalogues of technical information to smartphone Apps and calculators for analyzing complex datasets. Look for release of a major smartphone App later this fall.

BLOG: The Nature of Cities: A collective blog on nature, ecosystems and biodiversity in urban spaces
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